Simple version of the game

1.) (2 players remove 9-15) (3 players remove 13-15) Deal out all remaining cards.

2.) Remove 3 cards you do not want and place it in the middle, cards are face down.  Make the same number of piles as players. If 4 players then make 4 piles.

3.) Dealer passes the discard piles to the the players.

4.) Dealer picks a partner if playing teams, and chooses a color to be the snake color.

5.) Player to the left of the dealer starts with any card. Snakes have a value of 3 and hawks a value of 8. Players must follow the leading color, otherwise any color can be played.

6.) The highest card of the leading color wins.  There are no trump or wild cards.


1.) Each Snake colored number card won is one point.

2.) Each Hawk is minus 3 points.

3.) Snakes are 10 points and the snake of the declared snake color is 15 points.  

4.) If a player/team captured all 4 snakes, they score -50 points for the snakes instead of the 45.

5.) Game ends when a player reaches 200 points or negative 100. Winner is player with the lowest score.